Spica Bond 75

48 pages of Spica Bond 25% cotton paper, enshelled in a high-density Japanese cardstock, and double-bound with thread stitching and gauze — the atelier's pocket folio notebook is everything we know about the art of bookbindery in a compact, compelling package.

Pocket notebooks should be portable. They should be durable. And they should work with as large a variety of instruments and implements as possible, because you never know when inspiration will strike and what you'll be carrying when it does.

The atelier's pocket folio notebook is everything we know about these three qualities, stuffed into a compact, hilariously over-engineered package.

A companion through thick and thin. Really thin.

First, to portability. Our pocket folio notebook features the same slimline dimensions as our handbound mini journals — slightly narrower than the usual A6 format, these slip naturally into jean and jacket pocket alike. And the 48-page setup provides enough space for your notes without bloat or bulk, allowing you to write comfortably with the notebook held in one hand.

Durability born of bookbinding expertise

Next, to durability. Most pocket notebooks on the market are saddle-stitched with a single binding mechanism: either using staples, or through a single line of thread down the spine. We dislike metal staples, and don't think either of these options has the durability required to carry a pocket notebook through heavy all-day use.

So we've used our bookbinding expertise to combine multiple techniques into one: the Musubi pocket folio notebook is stitched with the same high-quality thread we use in our A5 folio notebooks, and then further reinforced with a durable gauze which shields the binding down the entire length of the spine. The result? All the flexibility you need from a pocket notebook with none of the fear of pages falling out, or spines falling apart.

The cover, too, has received the attention it needs to stand up to the rest of the notebook.

Instead of the kraft or flexible paper covers used in typical pocket notebooks, we've installed a high-density Japanese cardstock that looks like the former but performs wonderfully differently — with higher water resistance, a beautiful surface texture, and improved resistance to dogearing and shredding. Take it anywhere and use it everywhere.

Best of all, our pocket folio notebooks are bound by the same family-owned bindery in Japan that does our A5 folio notebooks, so you can expect the familiar attention to detail and craft in these that you're used to seeing in their larger cousins.

A paper for all seasons

Finally, to paper. The ideal pocket notebook should be ready for any medium readily at hand, be it pencil, ballpoint, fountain pen, or otherwise. So we've put in a paper that will take anything you throw at it: the inimitable Spica Bond from Mitsubishi's legendary paper mill in Himeji, Japan.

A marvel of Japanese papermaking, Spica Bond infuses fine, high-quality cotton into the paper pulp during the manufacturing process, resulting in a beautiful 25% cotton formula that stands up to both the demands of pencil and ink alike. And the 75 gsm weight provides a comfortable amount of shielding against showthrough without being too thick for portable use.

The size of these pocket folio notebooks might be smaller, but our obsession with precise, tuned design remains uncompromised. So we've also gone ahead and redesigned our signature lined and cross grid layouts for the smaller page, preserving all the special centre and edge markers that made them so popular in our A5 folio notebooks. Pick between blank, lined, and cross grid versions of our pocket folio notebook — or try them all out with our snack pack containing one of each.

Unique, functional packaging

The overengineering doesn't stop at the notebook. In line with the atelier's philosophy on no wasted packaging, every three-pack of pocket folio notebooks comes packaged in a unique perforated index card and ribbon system.

Your notebooks arrive enveloped in a connected set of two index cards with a ribbon tie between them. Separate the index cards along the perforated lines, then use them to classify your notebooks on your shelves or in your boxes, so you can sort through them quickly. Then reuse the ribbon to tie multiple notebooks together between cards into a single, convenient bundle, for easy transport and storage.

The Tomo system: designed for life

Our pocket folio notebooks are a component of the atelier's signature Tomo system: a swappable, refillable combination of covers, notebooks and notepads designed to be your constant companion for the everyday.

Socially conscious craftsmanship

Proceeds from the sale of these notebooks help fund the atelier's social impact work on disability employment and support for indigenous communities around the world.