Tomoe River 52

With an elegant semi-rigid cover in grey linen and almost 400 pages of Tomoe River paper, the atelier's everyday notebook condenses understated design and essential functionality into a compact, compelling package.

This edition of our folio notebooks features the old, original Tomoe River paper from Tomoegawa, which is now out of production.

An ever-present companion

Bound in Japan by a small, family-owned bindery, our semi-rigid folio notebook is Musubi quality condensed for the everyday — equally comfortable at work, school, or play.

Grey bookbinding linen and an almost-invisible debossed logo on the front cover keep the attention squarely on your work and not your tools, while an ample 384 pages of Tomoe River paper holds everything from your shopping lists to that unfinished novel to your plans for that end-of-year holiday. And all that paper is kept in check by a Smyth-sewn binding, not glue — so it lies flat when open, just like our signature handbound journals.

Design is in the details

The atelier's renowned attention to detail comes through in our new cross grid ruling, designed from the ground up with thoughtful integrations that add utility and maximise readability:

  • crosses 1.2 mm wide, spaced 5.12 mm apart;
  • small triangles on all four edges marking the middle of each edge;
  • an X in the very centre of the grid, for centring graphs and drawings; and
  • dashes every five rows on the vertical edges, which function as line counters.

Use these delineators to set your page up for bullet journalling, add Cornell margins, or simply draw graphs and charts — they're subtle enough to stay out of your way but be there when you need them. The freedom is yours.

The Tomo system: designed for life

Our folio notebooks are a component of the atelier's signature Tomo system: a swappable, refillable combination of covers, notebooks and notepads designed to be your constant companion for the everyday.

Socially conscious craftsmanship

Proceeds from the sale of these notebooks help fund the atelier's social impact work on disability employment and support for indigenous communities around the world.