Tonbo (dragonflies)

A celebration of all things living and moving, and the symbol of a good harvest, the dragonfly is a motif deeply embedded in Japanese culture.

A symbol of life

The lively dragonfly holds many meanings in Japanese culture. Farmers throughout Japan's agricultural history saw it as a beneficial insect that helped eliminate pests, and as a sign of the coming of spring. The tonbo pattern is thus associated with the rich bounties of the earth and a good harvest.

Only ever moving forward in flight, the tonbo was also considered a symbol of courage and victory by warriors, leading to its extensive use on weapons, armour, and other objects associated with victory and vitality.

Socially conscious craftsmanship

Every Musubi journal is handbound in Singapore by a team of artisans with physical and intellectual disabilities. Your purchase funds employment opportunities for these talented individuals.

Gift packaging included

Every diary comes ready to gift, packaged in a Musubi box with a certificate hand-signed by our team of artisans with disabilities. The certificate doubles as a bookmark and has a grid guide sheet printed on its reverse side.