Peru: Shipibo-Conibo; natural cotton

The hand-drawn fabrics of the Shipibo-Conibo people draw upon centuries of Peruvian heritage and tradition, reflecting the cosmology of a proud people.

Hand-etched in a centuries-old tradition

Mazelike and geometric, Shipibo-Conibo designs are drawn painstakingly by hand using dyes made from a combination of berries, mahogany bark and mud from the banks of the Amazon.

Their intricate patterns and motifs speak to the shamanistic heritage and cosmology of a proud people — from the Southern Cross that divides the night sky to the cosmic serpent that encompasses all creation.

Every pattern a story

Our fabrics are created by artisans from Paoyán, a village in the lower Ucayali along the banks of the Amazon. Every village, family and weaver has their own unique pattern, passed down through generations of craftswomen.

The atelier works with artisans to scale their traditional patterns down into an exclusive size, woven and etched exclusively for Musubi, that both fits the requirements of our bookbindery process and properly reflects the cosmology of the Shipibo-Conibo in a culturally-sound fashion.

Supporting communities, building understanding

Through its One Musubi initiative, the atelier reaches out to disadvantaged communities around the world threatened by everything from climate change to economic non-viability and even political and cultural discrimination.

Working closely with local partners, the atelier uses its global reach to give these artisans access to a wider market than they could achieve on their own. By compensating fairly for work we provide artisans and their families with much-needed financial support and empowerment; by providing the proper respect and context for these crafts we raise awareness of these communities' proud histories and the difficulties they face in trying to preserve their way of life.

Socially conscious craftsmanship

Every Musubi journal is handbound in Singapore by a team of artisans with physical and intellectual disabilities. Your purchase funds employment opportunities for these talented individuals.

Your purchase of this diary also supports the villages we partner with in Peru, allowing them to invest in water projects, education, and other critical needs.

Unique materials, meticulously sourced

Our special edition journals feature unique fabric and paper from around the world, showcasing the breadth and depth of human ingenuity and high technology.

Each batch is made in small quantities limited by the amount of material available to the atelier, and as such may be difficult to restock once the production run is over.