Japanese washi and cotton; calligraphy washi paper

Washi outside and washi inside, our newest Musubi Labs release is a celebration of all the things that make Musubi what we are.

Washi outside, washi inside

For the first release of 2023, the atelier showcases its signature blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern production, with a Labs diary groundbreaking in every way: Japanese washi, both inside and out.

On the outside of the diary? A specially made washi-cotton blend, featuring a yarn woven from 50 per cent authentic Japanese washi paper and 50 per cent organic cotton. The paper and cotton fibres are interlinked during the spinning process to reinforce each other before being dyed and loomed.

The end result: an extremely light but durable blended fabric with the combined properties of paper and cotton: slightly sandy to the touch under one's hand, and rich with sensation, with the durability of woven cloth.

Modern calligraphy

On the inside, the same combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern production applies. We've selected a traditional Japanese calligraphy paper made with the modern firming required to allow it to pass via machine, resulting in an art-focused surface that allows you to play with washes and watercolours alike.

Expect increased compatibility with dry mediums such as pencils, along with the same warmth of expression and broadening of lines with wet mediums (like fountain pen ink and watercolours) that you would get with traditional washi.

Socially conscious craftsmanship

Every Musubi journal is handbound in Singapore by a team of artisans with physical and intellectual disabilities. Your purchase funds employment opportunities for these talented individuals.

Gift packaging included

Every diary comes ready to gift, packaged in a Musubi box with a certificate hand-signed by our team of artisans with disabilities. The certificate doubles as a bookmark and has a grid guide sheet printed on its reverse side.